Performing on “The Alan Titchmarsh Show”

Blog_Alan Titchmarsh

A few years back I was told about a nationwide completion that was being run for ‘The Peoples Crooner’ … So I decided that I would take part in it.  The show needed a demo song so they could shortlist the competitors and I had a nice recording of Nat King Coles; The Autumn Leaves.  A Beautiful ballad.   The song was enough for me to get down to the final few.  After a trip to London to sign some papers and meet the other competitors I was signed up and ready for action.

The next week I flew back to London and was driven to the BBC studios (although it was a channel 3 TV show it was filmed at the BBC) What can I say about Alan Titchmarsh?  What a gentleman … He made time for everyone that day, making everyone so comfortable on the set and sharing some jokes.  I’d like to say he put me at ease but I was very nervous with all the bustle of the cameras, cranes, people running around and then the pressure of ‘3, 2, 1, we’re rolling’ lol.  My song was a Sinatra classic, written by Jimmy Van Heusen entitled Come Fly With Me.  The experience was brilliant and the audience, including Alan loved the performance.  I earned praise from the judges and left so proud to have made it to the finals.  What a great experience!